Editor's Letter: Concept's Mission to Create Equality and Diversity

It’s finally here, the day that Concept: The Magazine can be shared to the world.  I want to thank all of the contributors who add their pieces to the mix. I also want to thank the friends who had to sit through me talking my way through ideas and flipping through logos and fonts that were nearly identical. A thank you to the friends and family who had no idea I was doing this as well. And a thank you to you (yes you) for reading!

I created Concept out of need. I wanted to write content through an outlet that made a difference and was meaningful. This proved harder than it looked, let me tell you. After a bit, I started thinking about media in general. How when I watch the Breakfast Club I have to ignore that there are no people of color in the film (If Bender was a black teen in a predominantly white high school in the 80’s, imagine how intense the movie would be). When I read Vogue articles I have to stop thinking about the last time a Vogue thumbnail had a transwoman or a lesbian couple. Eventually this started turning me away from things. I stopped watching Girls before the end of the first season and I had no desire to put time into watching the reboot of Full House—Fuller House. I stopped scanning Top Shop’s website that skimps on plus sized clothing much like other clothing stores. I’m not saying these shows, publications, or clothing stores are inherently bad, and you could argue that it’s not their job to be diverse or inclusive.

But, concept: I won’t stand for it. Creating Concept was a way to say, "I demand intersectionally inclusive representation. We as a culture demand it. We want to relax and have fun without having to take off our moral or intersectional lenses." How bout that?

So welcome to Concept and help us make this happen! Through make up, traveling blogs, fashion, art, music, recipes, musicals, and more, we are making the internet diverse, through and through. That's where you come in! We want to hear your voice! The only way to come together and celebrate diversity is by actually being diverse and listening to others. We want to hear about the black owned businesses that are doing dope things. We want to hear about what your OOTD looks like, arm crutches and all. I'd love to learn what your favorite Indian artists are up too. Those are only some off the cuff examples, but I hope you get it. 

I would also like to address the past couple of weeks for a moment. There have been some devastating acts of terrorism and injustice all over the world. We want every reader of Concept to know that we are a safe space. We acknowledge you. You are valid and we cherish you.

- Teri; Concept: Editor in Chief