3 Levels of Self Care to Pay Attention to After This Election

This election season was nasty and stressful. On election night I stayed up past 3 AM then tried to study for a French exam I had at 9 AM. I got 3 hours of sleep on Wednesday possibly. I know many of my friends have mentioned that they are only now becoming hungry again or being able to make jokes here and there. This being said, now is the ultimate time to practice self-care. This phrase is thrown around a lot but I’m going to advise covering your three bases:

  1.  Cover your basics. Eat, sleep, drink water, and try to stay on top of your routine if it is safe and possible for you to do so.
  2. Find out what you need. After realizing that trying to empty my mind and get sleep wasn’t all that I needed, I decided to seek out a counselor to help me work out some problems. For you, clearing your head with downtime and meditation may be what you need. Or you may need to keep your hands busy. Or maybe you need to yell and shout and protest. Be safe and cater your health to your needs. No one is going to benefit from you trying to do something that isn’t what you need.
  3. Do the hard stuff that isn’t super fun. Clean your space, wash the dishes, wash your hair, call your doctor back, and finish your homework. Keeping on top of errands and deadlines can prevent you from losing it completely.

Bonus: Read this article and this article about self care, and watch this aesthetically pleasing video from youtuber Lavendaire aka Aileen Xu. 

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