Untitled By Brittany Dorsonne

You're a girl, you're a boy, stop your crying, these aren't yours,
We're laying down the blueprints to begin your inner wars.
Who am I really? Is this what I want to do?
These are the questions you may ask yourself, but we'll answer them for you.

Stick in your conscious like a beet juice stain,
Our values, our norms, in your mind they will ingrain.
Do as you’re instructed, don't fall out of line,
Men are the breadwinners, women just wait to read the plus sign.

Rinse, repeat; rinse repeat.
You are not what they say, do not what they do.
Their judgment and roles do not define you.
Self love is the prize, you will always be the champion.
Control the vibes that run close to your ambiance...

See?  Don't you realize how much better you look?
With that dress? What that tux? Stealin' your identity like some crooks.
But sweetie, we only want what's best for you.
To mold you to societal expectations, barriers.
It may not seem real, but it rings true.

Rinse, repeat; rinse repeat.
Wash off what they tell you, their shackles mean nothing.
Without their cage, you can amount to anything.
The frail labels begin at birth

Are nothing once you realize who you are,
Your worth.
Boy, girl, they, them;

You are who you want to be.
The only verdict should come from your reflection.
Take a deep breath - you're free.
So stand proud and stand firm
in the roots that have always been within.
Water yourself, let your flowers blossom
Step out of their mold, this is your skin.

Brittany Dorsonne (she/her) is just a 20-year-old trying to stick her daily landing. She loves the Holstee manifesto, elephants, superheroes, and talking about what keeps the fire in our lives from dying out.