Love Letter

Love letter

You’re that sickeningly sweet cereal

And I know that I shouldn’t have eaten it as a child

You know no bounds and you have endless metaphors to describe love

You’re that cheesy one liner

And when you’re done it never feels like you’ve finished

Love letter

You’re the pain we carry

Because it’s too difficult to write you

Especially while trying to do it well

You’re that paper we carry

Hoping the right words fall onto the page

Because you are special

And we need to do you perfectly

Love letter

You’re the reason we are up past 11 and not up until after 10

You’re the struggle we can’t erase

You’re the monster we can’t face

And the critic we can’t break

Love letter

You’re the reason we don’t communicate

You leave us with only regrets

You’re the bane of our existence

You’re why we hate to speak

 you’re the reason for our failure

And we blame you for the shape love comes in

Love letter

We’ll spend our whole lives writing you

And when we finally get it right

We’ll be questioning if we wrote you for the right person

Imani Constant (she/her/hers), is a Psychology major aspiring to be a Psychologist. She's been writing poetry, short stories, and songs in her spare time or when she's stressed since she was 7-years-old. She likes running, hanging out with friends, media, and reading, and is an extrovert.