6 Instagram Accounts That Will Give You Life

You can't have a proper glo up without a little inspiration. Take a look at these instagram accounts that will change your world:

1.    Elaine Welteroth, Insta: @elainewelteroth

Elaine is the new Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, the youngest and second black editor in chief Condé Nast has every had. Since she’s been EIC, Tracee Ellis Ross, Simone Biles, and Willow Smith have made appearances as well as an article about cultural appreciation vs. cultural appropriation. Slay the game, Elaine! And her Instagram is to die for. She is hilarious, joyous and encouraging while also mixing in some posts about justice. Not to mention her and her husband are ravishing. Check her out for a good time. Here’s a sample of pure joy:


2.    Tyler Ford, insta: @tywrent

Pronouns: They/Them

This agender sweetheart is a creative, talented, powerhouse with a wonderful message about being your true self to share with the world. Tyler does amazing work for LGBTQA youth and is just so positive and inspirational that even one scroll through their social media will make your life.  Take a look at this angel:

frolic 🌸 @drmartensofficial #DMsLITE / #sponsored photo by @davidleesierra

A photo posted by Tyler Ford (@tywrent) on


3.  Marie Forleo, insta: @marieforleo

Nothing says love like free advice that you actually want. If you are need of a gorgeous life coach who will make you laugh your way into being a better professional adult, you’ve found your lady. We love her Q & A Tuesdays on Youtube too. In 5-10 minutes every Tuesday, you’ll find yourself equipped with tools you can actually use. If you’re trying to make your side hustle your full time hustle or if you just want some simple exercises that will make your life a little better (they will make a difference) then you’ve found ya lady.


4.  Jessamyn Stanley, insta: @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn is body positive, hilariously honest, queer, badass yogi. She has so much confidence and power that her words resonate to our cores. If you need a pep in your soul, she's what we prescribe. She’s got a book coming out next year and you can pre-order now.


5.    Alex Elle, insta: @alex_elle

Beautiful inside and out, Alex Elle blesses us with her mere presence. Her way of being is seriously #goals and so is her beautiful family. She’s got tea, she’s got natural hair, she’s got a soul full of compassion and love, and she’s got us on her Instagram every day.


6.    THINX, insta: @shethinx

THINX may be known for their period "Period/Anxiety/Patriarchy-Proof Underwear", but their instagram is, not only beautifully done, but is a hub for intersectional feminism. The taboo of periods, trans issues, body topics, etc. is virtually eliminated. If you want to learn about yourself and have fun, take a scroll down THINX lane.

Teri Bradford (she/her) is the Editor in Chief of Concept: The Magazine. Meet the rest of the Concept: Staff here