Our Story

I'm an avid magazine reader. There's just something about the casual writing, the fun yet relevant topics, the ability to read about the perfect winged eyeliner then turn the page to read about the government. But one day I realized that there were no magazines that really catered to me. A young Black woman who would pay real money for someone to give her a clear map to being a full time adult.

So now I'm on a mission to gather as many people as possible so together we can create the content we wish to see in the world. (That's basically the saying right?) 

We need to hear the amazing stories of women and non-binary people who are making it in this crazy girl. We need to know that there are companies, media outlets, and people with platforms spreading good ol' fashion positivity in this world. And we want to hear from others who are staking their claims and saying "I'm here and I'm valid", refusing to be silenced.
With Concept:, there's a focus on women, non-binary, LGBTQIA+ communities and more. We want to see ourselves, don't we? No BS, no gimmicks.

Oh yeah! And it's run by me, Teri M.B. I'm a 20 year old college student in Pittsburgh, PA. I spend my time being ambitious AF, loving High School Musical, and writing like I'm running out of time (I love musicals too. Hamilton anyone?). Drinking tea, listening to podcasts, hanging with my amazing friends, and being obsessed with all things burgundy is all I want in life. 

Enjoy your stay!